Bobotov kuk

Bobotov kuk (2.523m) is the highest peak of Durmitor mountain and also of the entire Montenegro.
Climbing up this mountain can be a bit hard but surely is fun and enjoyable. You do not have to be a
skilled climber at all, and the view from the top is worth it. Hiking trail starts at the place
called Sedlo. We will park our cars there and purchase the entry tickets for the national park.

From a place called “Velika previja” begins the final climb to Bobotov kuk, with about 170m of climb. This part of the track is a special because it is a big stone boulder! The trail from the “Velika previja” goes left below the rocks and soon enters the passage between the very top and the neighboring top of the Đevojka – Soa nebeska. This place is a fantastic viewpoint on Škrčka lakes and Škrka valley !! Next, you take the right and proceed to the top. The narrow path with very exposed cliffs rises to the very top. In this part you need to be extra cautious (there is usually a cord) and this is the most dangerous part of the entire path! The top of the rock is a relatively small surface, covered with stones trimmed by thunderbolts. The view is remarkable in all directions – you will make great photos!

You can combine this activity with other activities in our offer.

Contact our staff and we will gladly assist you in order to create the most enjoyable multi-day tour. You can combine hiking tour “Bobotov Kuk” with Tara river rafting tour (3 days / 2 nights).