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Camp “Sutjeska” is located at Tjentište


Our camp capacity is 50 units but we're constantly expanding. Also tents and RV's are allowed.


Camp "Sutjeska" is located in Tjentište, place is called Popov most and we are some 30km away from Foča

Work hours

Every day from 07:00 - 00:00 and this applies to restaurant and the market.

    Camp "Sutjeska"

    If you are ready to book or have any additional questions - contact us

    Our staff will reply to your emails in no time. If you need assistance in creating the best most enjoyable multi-day arrangement please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Contact info
    + 387 65 309 079 Viber/What’sApp


    GPS Coordinates of our camp: Latitude: 43.370527 Longitude: 18.701239