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Camp “Sutjeska”

Our camp is located at Tjentište, in the National park Sutjeska. We are just a few meters away from the main road that connects the following cities: Belgrade – Višegrad – Foča – Tjentište – Bileća – Trebinje and Dubrovnik. Have some rest in our camp, enjoy in our wonderful oasis of nature and even book an activity.

Relax and enjoy, visit Tjentište war memorial, museum, swim in the large olympic pool or choose an activity from our large offer. We organize activities such are Tara river rafting, Trnovačko lake hiking tour, rent-a-quad and many others. More info bellow.

Sleep in Bungalows

Comfy bungalows with separate bathrooms are available for all the guests that decide to stay with us. Four people can sleep on the first floor and four more people on the second floor. Restaurant is located few meters away from the bungalows.

Autocamp Sutjeska

There is a place in our camp dedicated for camping cars, trucks and RV’s. Restaurant and shop are close to you and our staff is at your disposal.

Delicious food

Delicious and fresh homemade food, snacks and beverage, we have got it all! Our Chef will take care of you and if you are vegan or vegetarian please note that upon your arrival.

National park Sutjeska

While you are here we suggest you book a tour in NP Sutjeska and visit Perućica, Trnovačko lake and many other locations nearby. More about these offers bellow.

Offer for 2023 - Camp Sutjeska

We organize tours in Sutjeska National Park, and with us, you can visit some of the most popular destinations in the region, such as Trnovačko Lake, Maglić Mountain, Perućica Rainforest, Orlovačko Lake, and many other places.



We organize tours in Sutjeska National Park, and with us, you can visit some of the most popular destinations in the region, such as Trnovačko Lake, Maglić Mountain, Perućica Rainforest, Orlovačko Lake, and many other places.


Located near the border of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Maglić is located on the border of B&H and Montenegro and is also the highest peak in B&H

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Hiking tour in Durmitor, and the highest peak of Montenegro - Bobotov kuk.

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National park Sutjeska is the oldest and the largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. To reach NP Sutjeska you will need to follow the main road from Belgrade – Višegrad – Foča – Tjentište or Dubrovnik – Trebinje – Tjentište, and the central part of the park is some 25km away from the town of Foča. Our camp is few hundred meteres away from the Tjentište War Memorial monument.
Our government has funded the restoration of the monument and the Valley of Heroes and we highly suggest you to visit this place.

Maglić hiking tours are very popular and the most “famous” one is on the 28th of June (Vidovdan), Zelengora lakes hiking tours, OK Fest is a popular festival
and It’s held on 12th – 15th July this year, there are many other activities and manifestations in NP Sutjeska.

Perucica primeval forest is one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. It is a part of NP Sutjeska. The forest can only be explored in the company of rangers.

Maglić mountain is located in the NP Sutjeska also, on the BiH – Montenegro border and It is the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Prijevor plateau is the starting point for the hiking tours to Maglić and Trnovačko lake.

There is also a river Sutjeska and flows throughout the NP.


Canyoning is one of the most popular and relatively new activities in our region. We offer two canyons – Nevidio (Montenegro) and Hrčavka (Sutjeska National Park).


Exciting and demanding tour in Hrčavka in Sutjeska NP.

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Canyoning tour in the last discovered canyon of Europe - Nevidio.

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jeep safari


Photo-safari tours in Sutjeska National Park, with popular destinations including Prijevor plateau, the base of Maglić, Upper and Lower ponds, and Orlovačko Lake.


Visit to the Perućica Rainforest, Dragos saddle viewpoint, and Prijevor.

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Donje i Gornje bare

Visit the Zelengora lakes at an altitude of 1400m+.

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Orlovačko lake

Hiking tour in Durmitor, and the highest peak of Montenegro - Bobotov kuk.

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Our offer is fresh and tasty, traditional homemade food and all natural cocktails, cooked with the best ingredients available. Vegans and vegetarians will enjoy it too.

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How do I book accommodation in Camp "Sutjeska"?

All it takes is an email or a phonecall. Our staff will reply to you in no time. Write down all the questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who do you accept to Camp Sutjeska?

There are no strict rules in our camp. Individuals and groups are most welcome! Families, friends, organizations, international and domestic tourists – everybody is welcome. Place a tent or park an RV, bring your pets and don’t worry too much. Prices are affordable.

We want to stay a bit longer than we planned. Is that possible?

If you want to extend your stay with us here at camp Sutjeska in order to rest and enjoy even more – make sure to notify our staff as soon as possible. If there aren’t any other reservations we will gladly extend it.

You wan't to cancel your arrangement?

Unexpected events, organization problems, change of plans? If you booked a multi-day tour please do inform our staff in time, at least 48 – 72 hours before your arrival. If you booked an overnight stay make sure to notify us 48 hours prior to supposed arrival.

How do I pay for the arrangement?

You can pay for your arrangement after It is completed. We accept cash only, EUROS or Bosnian marks (BAM)

Camp "Sutjeska"

We are located at Popov most, Tjentište bb
GPS Coordinates of our camp:

Latitude: 43.370527
Longitude: 18.701239

How to reach us?

There is an instruction page on our website containing all the Google maps directions from all the major cities. Click on the button bellow.

One-day and multi-day rafting Tara tours are “on the menu”. Duration of the whitewater rafting activity varies, and mostly depends on water levels. High water levels in May will get you from start to finish in less than 50 minutes!
We recommend you go on a rafting tour in July and August if you are coming with a family. It will last 3-4 hours and It is super-safe!

Our certified skippers will take care of you! You will get all the necessary high quality rafting equipment and the skippers will talk about behaviour while on the water – pay close attention, you don’t want to get into the water too early 🙂

Tara rafting day tour

One-day Tara rafting tour organized by camp Sutjeska is a popular activity for those of you who are passing by but have enough time for this enjoyable activity.

Two days in our camp

Overnight stay with all the food you can eat and drinks you can… drink obviously. Next day is for rafting on the magnificent Tara river.

Three days in “Sutjeska”

You are not in a hurry at all. That is nice. Spend three days here (2 nights), go to Tara rafting and rest (or book another activity – up to you)

Do you have any additional questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We’re available most of the time.