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Lakes Donje bare and Gornje bare

Donje Bare is a lake located in the north-eastern part of Zelengora, and it is at a height of 1490m. The lake is about 200m long, 140m wide and the largest measured depth is about 4m.
Vidikovac Boric is located at 1680 m.n.v. Lake Gornje bare is also located in the National Park Sutjeska, at 1550m.nv
Zelengora Mountain is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the National Park Sutjeska. It is known for its numerous pastures and lakes, which are located at the foot of its peaks: Upper and Lower Bara, Orlovacka, Kotlanica, Štirina, Borilovačko, Crno and Bijelo jezero.

Visiting the lake of Donje Bare and an easy 400m walk which leads to the edge of the Sutjeska canyon leads us to the viewpoint Boric. From this place you can see the entire canyon and the mountains of Vučevo, Maglić, Volujak, the Perućica rainforest, Dragoš sedlo and Prijevor, the valley of Tjentište, the remains of the old towns Vratar and Vratac, as well as Kosman.The Gornje bare lake is 1.5km northwest of the lake of Donje bare. The Gornje bare Lake is 150m long and 80m wide, its greatest depth is 2m.

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