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Tara river rafting

The two-day Tara rafting arrangement includes an overnight stay and rafting from Brštanovica to Šćepan polje organized by camp "Sutjeska". Total rafting length is 19km! Book in the period May - September.

Guests are expected to arrive at our camp in the afternoon. Find a room and unpack at camp "Sutjeska" and we will see you at dinner. You will have the opportunity to taste a variety of delicious home-made dishes from our organic menu. After dinner you can hang out near the campfire, relax and listen to music.

Tara river canyon

The Tara River canyon is 60km long  and is the second largest in the world, and the first in Europe. The Tara Canyon is one of the few remaining oases of untouched nature and it is a reserve for many endemic species of plants and animals, which is why it was recognized in UNESCO in 1977. The clear, potable mountain river Tara that flows through the canyon is also known as the “Tear of Europe” and it is formed by two small rivers – Opasanica and Veruša, under the mountain of Komovi. The most attractive part for rafting is the last 25km of river flow.

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We will depart to Tara canyon after the breakfast. Transportation and high quality rafting equipment is included. Our certified skippers will take good care of you, inform you about all the things that you should know while on the water. Do not worry you are in the safe hands and this journey will go well without any problems.

Previous experience is not required, our skippers will give you enough information about the rafting, the canyon and teach you more about the behaviour while on the boat.

The length of the Tara river rafting is ~19km and the duration depends on the water levels. High water levels are in May, the rafting tour can be completed within 50 minutes, and we recommend it for all of the adventure seeking folk out there. On the other hand, water levels are low in July and August and we recommend that period for families.

When the rafting tour is completed all of the participants will be transferred back to the camp “Sutjeska” and we will part our ways there. We sure hope to see you again next year!


You can combine this activity with other activities in our offer.

Contact our staff and we will gladly assist you in order to create the most enjoyable multi-day tour. You can combine Tara rafting tours with Hiking or ATV Quads (3 days / 2 nights).