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Trnovacko lake

Trnovacko Lake is located near the border of Montenegro and BiH. The lake is surrounded from the east, west and south by mountains and some of them are Maglić, Volujak, Bioč and Trnovački Durmitor, Kom, Zgura and others. Tour starts in our camp in Tjentiste and we’ll transport all of the participants to the Prijevor plateau from where the path continues on foot through Suva jezerina to the destination - Trnovacko Lake. We need about two hours to move from Prijevor to Trnovacko Lake and the length of the road is about five kilometers.


Trnovacko Lake is considered by many to be the most beautiful mountain lake in Montenegro and is recognized in the world as a heart-shaped lake. This heart-shaped lake and It’s emerald green color will delight anyone who visits It. The Trnovacko lake is about 800m long and about 700m wide and 9 m deep. It gets It’s water from melting snow and rain, as well as from smaller wells, and it was recorded that the water temperature was up to 22 ° C.

Prijevor plateau (1.668m) is located beneath the highest peak of Maglić (on the west side). The view of Maglic from Prijevor will leave you speechless! On the Prijevor there is a viewpoint from which you can observe the Perućica rainforest, the peaks Maglić, Volujak, Zelengor, and it is important to mention that the Prijevor also has a well with drinking water and a place for parking a large number of vehicles.

You can combine this activity with other activities in our offer.

Contact our staff and we will gladly assist you in order to create the most enjoyable multi-day tour. You can combine hiking tour “Trnovacko lake” with Tara river rafting tour (3 days / 2 nights).