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Perućica Primeval forest

The Perućica primeval forest is a strictly protected area of the National Park Sutjeska, which occupies an area of 14.34 km2. Beautiful and untouched nature, amazing scenery and stunning view! One of the most popular locations is Skakavac, a waterfall located in the heart of a rainforest and It is over 70 meters high.
According to researchers from Yale University, Perucica offers a unique study of the role of the rainforest in the global carbon cycle, since it is one of the last rainforests in urban Europe, making it a perfect natural laboratory.
Due to its beauty and richness, in 1952, the rainforest was declared a strictly protected part of nature, which is exclusively used for scientific and educational purposes, while in 1954 it was placed under the protection of the state as a natural reserve.

At Tjentiste, near the abandoned gas station leave the main road and take the local road that leads to the Prijevor plateau. The road to Prijevor (start point for Trnovacko Lake tour) is 17.4 km long. In Perućica primeval forest there is a place called Dragoš sedlo and It is also a viewpoint from which you will be able to capture amazing photos of the untouched wilderness. Waterfall Skakavac can also be seen from the viewpoint.

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