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Maglic mountain

Maglic is a Dinaric mountain located on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Maglic is also the mountain with the highest peak in BiH (2386m). The mountain is surrounded by the Sutjeska River in the west, the mountain Volujak in the southwest, the rivers Drina and Piva in the northeast and the mountain of Bioč in the southeast. The Maglić hiking tour is hard due to the length of the track and the high altitude but the view from the top is amazing and It will leave you speechless. Highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located above the Perucica primeval forest that is a home to unique flora and fauna, on the bottom of which is the famous 75m high Skakavac waterfall.

Maglic is beautiful and impressive on all sides. On three sides the rocks are very steep and impenetrable, while the access from the southeast is easier over the long ridge. Its southeastern large rocky boulders are beautiful seen from the grassy Prijevor, while its northwestern rocky cliffs literally collapse vertically on the Bosnian side. During the tour, you will be able to take great shots, and for all questions, please contact our guides.

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