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Donje Bare –  Borić – Gornje Bare

2 days / 1 overnight stay


Zelengora mountain is one of the most beautiful mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zelengora is part of the "Sutjeska" National Park, enriched with endless green expanses, forest, and numerous pastures. What Zelengora is recognized for are its clear glacial lakes, located at the foot of the peaks: Upper and Lower Bare, Orlovačko, Kotlaničko, Štirinsko, Borilovačko, Crno, and Bijelo lake. The highest peak of Zelengora is Bregoč (2015m).


Day 1

Arrival at the "Sutjeska" camp on Tjentište in the afternoon and accommodation in bungalows, overnight stay. Our employees will present you with the schedule of activities for the next day.

Day 2

In the morning hours, cargo vehicles from Tjentište direction we go towards Donje Bare lake, which is about twenty kilometers away from our camp. We approach the lake by vehicles to a few hundred meters, and then descend to the lake and the mountain house. Donje Bare is a lake located in the northeastern part of Zelengora, at an altitude of 1490m. It is about 200m long, 140m wide, and the greatest measured depth is about 4m.

Borić viewpoint is located at 1670 m above sea level. From Donje Bare lake, a 400m long path leading to the edge of the Sutjeska canyon, we arrive at Borić viewpoint. From this place, there is a beautiful view of the entire canyon, Vučevo, Maglić, Perućica primeval forest, Prijevor, Tjentište valley, the remains of old towns Vratar, Vratac, and Kosman.

Gornje Bare lake is located 1.5km northwest of Donje Bare lake. The lake is reached on foot in about thirty minutes, northwest of Donje Bare lake. Gornje Bare lake is 150m long, 80m wide, and its greatest depth is 2m.


In our restaurant, you will have the opportunity to try various specialties from our region. Delicious homemade food for which you will remember your stay in our camp is prepared daily from fresh ingredients and some of the dishes are moussaka, sarma, pies under the bell, homemade cheese and cream, lamb under the bell and many other dishes.
We also take into account the needs and requirements of our guests, so we have prepared a special menu for vegans and vegetarians. Upon arrival at our camp or when making a reservation, it is only important to mention this and our chef will make sure to let others "try a little" of your dish.


A total of 90 beds are distributed in accommodation units. When it comes to bungalows, we offer double, four-bed and eight-bed bungalows on two floors. The eight-bed bungalows are suitable for families and larger groups, a private bathroom is located on the first floor.
Also, the camp has six apartments with a private bathroom, which are located in the main building, above the restaurant.


GPS Coordinates of our camp: Latitude: 43.370527 Longitude: 18.701239

This package INCLUDES

  • Accommodation in bungalows
  • Licensed guide service
  • Transportation
  • Dinner, breakfast and packed lunch during the trip


  • National park fee of €5

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