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Camp "Sutjeska" 2021 Tour Offer

One with the nature / 4 days in National park Sutjeska


Day one - Arrival

Arrival to the camp "Sutjeska" in Tjentiste in the afternoon, our staff will help you settle down and we'll see you at the dinner. In the evening we hang out in our restaurant by the campfire. Our employees will show you the schedule for the next day.

Day Two - Trnovacko lake

After the breakfast, all the participants of this amazing journey will be transported into Perucica primeval forest in National park Sutjeska. The first place we will visit is viewpoint Drgaos sedlo in Perucica primeval forest. A 200m long (narrow) pathaway from the parking to the viewpoint is what separates us from the stunning view at Percucica, waterfall Skakavac and the amazing wilderness that surrounds us.
The road from Dragos sedlo continues in the direction of Maglic (Prijevor). Prijevor plateau is about 3.5km away. Prijevor (1.668m) is a spacious, roughed hill located beneath the highest peak of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Maglic. The view from Prejevor to Maglic is fantastic! There is also a viewpoint at Prijevor, 400m towards the west and the view will take your breath away. You can see Perucica primeval forest from here, peaks Maglic, Volujak, Zelengora and others. From Priejevor we descend to a place called "Suva jezerina" (Dry lake) and we continue our journey to Trnovacko lake. When we get there you will be able to swim, rest, take photos - pretty much do whatever you want. Heart-shaped lake and It's emerald green color will impress you and you will never forget this place! Upon return from this adventure the lunch will be served to our guests, delicious food for you to recover and regain the lost energy. Do whatever you like until the dinner and make sure to eat well because tomorrow a new adventure awaits.

Day three - Donje bare - Boric viewpoint - Gornje bare (Lakes tour)

Donje Bare lake is located in the northeaster part of Zelengora at the height of 1490m. Visit this lake with our professional guide - It is 20km away from our camp. Lake Donje Bare is 250m long and 120m wide, max depth of the lake is 4.5m. It is surrounded by mountain peaks: Ardov (1723m), Planinica (1874m) and Mala Siljevica (1720m). During the cold winters the entire lake is covered by ice. The edge of the Sutjeska canyon is 400m away from the lake and viewpoint Boric is located there. From the viewpoint Boric you will be able to see Vucevo, Maglic, Volujak, Perucica primeval forest, Dragos sedlo, Prijevor plateau and even Tjentiste valley. Lake Gornje Bare is located at 1550m altitude and it is 150m long, 80m wide and max depth is 2m. It is 30 minutes away from Donje bare (northwest of Donje bare). After visiting Gornje bare lake we will return to the camp. You will be very hungry by then and we have a solution - waiting in the restaurant.

Day four - Horse riding tour (Pasna poljana)

Fourth and last day of the arrangement - Horse riding in Pasna poljana with our instructor Sreten. You will learn the basics of horse riding and Sreten will give you some insights when It comes to horse riding. This is a wonderful experience that everyone should try out. After these lessons we will return to the camp, have lunch and your arrangement with us is completed. See you next time. 🙂
Price of this tour - 210€ per person.
● Fees and prices included in the price
● National park entrance fees included
● Meals and accommodation included
● Guides and drivers services included in the price
● Horse riding instructor fees included
● Minimum of 4 persons required for this tour

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